Al Hadi ReadyMix use in all operation stage ready soft Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERPS) , that system can manage raw material final production laboratory test delivery note, spare parts and invoice, that system implemented in both factories in Baish area and JEC Al Hadi ReadyMix can produce around 6000 cum/day by using the following  equipments :

·       5Batch plants by total capacity 500 cum/hr

·       50 Truck mixers 10,11,12 cum

·       10 Hydraulic pumps 36,42,48,56 length

·       2 Stationary pumps with 2 placing pump

In general Al Hadi can produce any type of concrete as per different projects specification by his stock silos of different cement type , flyash , microsilica:

·       OPC cement silos by capacity 3000 tons

·       SRC cement silos by capacity 2000 tons

·       Silica fume silos by capacity 600 tons

·       Flyash silos by capacity 800 tons

·       Raw material shaded by capacity 5000  cum

Al Hadi ReadyMix can produce concrete under any required temperature by suing improved material cooling system also can added ice , cold water to concrete by using :

·       3 Germany chillers by capacity 1000 cum/day

·       2 Germany Ice plant by capacity 300 ton/ day