Our Company


The commitment in performance and quality in product


Slogan adopted by Al Hadi Group for Commerce, Industry and Contracting, since its founding in 2004, in Jazan area in Biash city near Jazan Economic City (JEC), with the following branches:

1. Hadi Al ReadyMix Concrete , in its two branches in Biash city and JEC.

2. Al Hadi Crusher and Quarries in Alkdma area in Sabia province - Jazan.

3. Al Hadi Transportation.

4. Al Hadi Automated blocks factory in Baish city.

5. Al Hadi ceramics trading. Its branches in Baish city,          Sabia city and Khamis Mushayt city.

   The decision to establish Al Hadi Group was based on an economic study carried out by the specialists to keep pace with development of structural in area, which covered by the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his wise decision to establish JEC refinery, ARAMCO Oil Refinery, sea Port of Jazan, new King Abdullah's new airport .

   Al Hadi Group hopes to Obtaining  the confidence of its customers, by quality in products and services.


                         Ahmed Hassan Al Hadi


                         Owner of Al Hadi Group